BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Yellow Submarine ...

OK, so it's like this ... Daughter #1 is involved in an after-school art class, and her teacher has been taking them through different styles each week, this week the subject was "Peter Max". I got the inspiration that I needed to pick up a copy of the Beatles's Yellow Submarine to familiarize her with the look of Max's designs. Unfortunately, (due to the unpredictability of eBay deliveries), the video showed up the day of her Peter Max class, so she got to watch it after getting to try to draw like that. Oh, well ... The Girls liked it well enough.

I, however, was entranced. The movie came out in 1968 (when I was 11 ... I used to have a big green portable LP system on which I'd applied Yellow Submarine decals all over), and the video I got was the 1998 "30th Anniversary" re-issue which is spectacular, with crystal clear images and music. I found that, with the possible exception of Northern Song I was able to sing my way straight through the whole movie (perhaps the reason that The Girls had tempered enthusiasm for the film).

I can't recall the last time that I put in a movie and was able to watch it all the way through (I typically don't have either that sort of attention span, or that amount of linear down time), so I'm not much for giving video raves ... but if you're over 45, this is a MUST GET for sheer nostalgia, and if you're a kid you should pick it up just for the sheer grooviness!

heh ...

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