BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Piss me off ...

OK ... nobody fucking cares about this, but MAAAAAN ... I need to vent! I have been up much later than I anticipated, watching an auction on eBay. Once again, it looked like I'd won the auction, and I was just waiting out the final few minutes so I could shoot in the PayPal payment. I refreshed my main screen and it showed my having the high bid with 0:00 left, and on the item page, I had the high bid with 17 seconds remaining. I hear the "thwick" of mail showing up in my AOL box, and I pull that up (anticipating it being the details of the win) and it's a fucking OUTBID NOTICE. Some motherfucker got a bid in for the minimum (50¢) over mine with sixteen seconds left in the auction! This makes me fucking NUTS every time it happens ... I'm sitting there, just waiting to PAY and some asswipe (or probably some asswipe's sniping program!) grabs it away. I wish to hell they'd outlaw those fucking things ... if somebody want's to outbid me at the last moment, they should damn well be up at two in the morning hovering over their fucking keyboard! Damn. Now I won't be able to get to sleep because I FUCKING WANT TO BREAK SOMETHING (prefereably the head of the motherfucker who outbid me).


I see that the same motherfucker almost won another auction that I was bidding on ... he (or his god-damned-to-hell sniping program) swept in with fifteen seconds left and put in a bid above the current high one (which was already fifty cents over where I gave up), too bad for him, the high bidder (who I'd tried to outbid five times before giving up) must have had a very substantial maximum bid in, as it just re-adjusted to fifty cents over what the motherfucker with the sniping program bid. I gotta tell you ... I've had feedback in here from people who DO use those damned programs ... understand that every time your program beats somebody, especially if that somebody has been actually putting in TIME and EFFORT to try to win the auction, you will be HATED for that ... it will be a vague, impersonal hate, but somewhere out there you should know there is somebody who would very much like to beat you to death with a large rock ... not because you're "you", but because you used a program to CHEAT the system, and have (as Mr. "dugndd" has) wasted the legitimate bidder's time, energy, and going without sleep. Is it REALLY worth it to cheat your way into a win? Is it? Think of how Voodo works ... those bad vibes streaming out of the psyche ... wafting across the aether ... thoughts of rage and hate and violence ... looking for YOU. Just because you wanted to go to sleep and let THE FUCKING PROGRAM STAY UP ALL NIGHT AND PAY ATTENTION TO THE AUCTIONS. I would like to break this motherfucker's (that is, Mr. "dugndd"'s) fingers with a large metal wrench right now, it would make me feel MUCH BETTER ... do you want somebody out there feeling like that about you? Especially as there are a LOT more psycho types than ME out there who might actually try to find out where the motherfucker who sniped the god-damned auction LIVES and pay a visit to express their displeasure!

Trust me, it's not worth it. Don't CHEAT. DO YOUR OWN DAMNED AUCTION BIDDING, OK?

Whew ... maybe I've vented enough that I can sleep now. Mr. "dugndd" ... do watch out for trucks in your blindspot on the road for the next week or so ... that hate is coming your way!

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