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Buy this book! BUY THIS BOOK!

Slander: Liberal Lies About the American RightOK ... so as noted here not too many days back, I really liked Ann Coulter's Treason, even though it did have a bit of a "pit bull" edge on it. Well, Slander: Liberal Lies About the American Right is even MORE fun, largely because Ann is a bit less in "attack mode" in this one. Whereas Treason looks at the seditious acts of the Left in general and the Democratic Party in particular (odd how every time there's a treasonous scum in the news, there's a raft of Democrats making excuses for their treachery!), Slander takes a look at how the Media treats conservatives and Republicans.

I think my favorite part of this book is how Ann gleefully rattles off the results of Lexis/Nexis searches ... while the Leftist press is claiming to be "middle of the road", their tracks are anything but ... with 10/1 or worse preponderance of "biased to the left" stories or negative mentions of conservatives/Republicans.

I wish Ann had done some charts of all this. It becomes obvious that if the political spectrum were line-graphed from 1 to 9, with 1 being blood-soaked Stalinist Lefties, and 9 being skin-head neo-Nazis, and the actual "middle of the road" being at 5, then what the Liberal Media sees "a centrist stand" is somewhere about 3! Anything from 4 on up is viewed as "conservative", so even a Left-Centrist Republican can, in the Media's universe, be held up as a "conservative voice". The book has TONS of references (the notes, were they in as large a font as the body of the book, would probably be another third as long), and it has got to irk the Dan Rathers of this world to have their own words used to show them for the Leftist Scum that they are!

Of course, my least favorite part of the book was the last chapter when Ann goes to the defense of the "Religious Right", although to her credit, she did make it seem less "monolithic" than my preconceptions of it. Why can't Conservatives like Ann (and the WND crew) "do conservatism" without bringing in Christianity? Christianity is as much a delusional scam as the Leftist/Liberal political doctrine. These folks have seriously got to read more Ayn Rand and less New Testament!

Anyway, this is another book that I wish EVERYBODY would read. Heck, you can get it new/used from Amazon for under $4 ... what's holding you back?

I decided to shift something "lighter" into my reading spot being vacated by Slander, so I'm about to launch into P.J. O'Rourke's All The Trouble In The World which appears to be a bit of a travelogue of all the nasty places he had to visit whilst writing for Rolling Stone.

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