BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

odd quiz thing

Found this in eris's journal ... it's a thing that does a word count on your journal and lists the top 48 (I'm not sure how far it goes back, I suspect it's probably only on one's "top page"). Frankly, it would be more interesting if they filtered out "basic English writing" words, as that's pretty much all that came up on my list (I had no "action verbs" and only two "specific objects" on my list), but it can be telling to see what shows up (the only specific thing that came up in mine was "book", no doubt from my recent spurt of reviews). Also interesting is how high on the list "I" shows up (Eris had "I" at #1, it came in at #7 for me). I suspect that most lists will be pretty much the same, lacking a filter, but hey, what do you want for nothing?

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