BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Springtime in Chicago ...

040326a1Well ... it had to happen eventually, but it looks like Spring has finally come to Chicago. I shot these daffodils and crocuses while waiting for the bus on Friday (Daughter #1 was off of school and we were out running some errands). I'm still figuring out this digital cam I got for recording stuff at my mom's place ... it takes sort of funky shots outside, so I had to smack this image around a bit after the fact (the camera itself just has adjustments for size of picture and level of detail, nothing like color level or gamma, etc.). Anyway ... this was a half block down from us, nice to have some spring flowers in the big concrete canyons!


The Girls and I went out to Oak Street Beach this morning to let their mom have some time to get the bills paid, etc., without the typical level of chaos in our place. We brought out a kite, but the only time the wind really picked up enough to get it going was when I was in the process of putting it away. This is Lake Michigan. The Girls wanted to play in the water, but even though the air was pushing 70°, I didn't want them to get wet, since the water was probably somewhere down around 40°!


The forecast for the day was for frequent heavy thunderstorms, so when I saw these clouds rolling in, I figured that we needed to head on home. As it ended up, we got drizzled on a bit, but avoided the real rain (which didn't hit downtown until five-ish).


We'd promised The Girls that we'd go see the new Scooby-Do movie this weekend ... originally I was going to be taking Daughter #1 with a couple of her friends on Friday, but one of the kids thought they'd be too scared, so that plan got scrapped. We tried to work it in yesterday, but that was one thing too many, so it got moved off till today. The reviewers were pretty brutal with this, but I think that in many ways it was better than the first one. It is funny, though, to see S.M.G. re-invent the Daphne role ... in the cartoons she's pretty much there for arm candy, suddenly Daphne is the team's "muscle" ... take a look at this pic and try to tell me the first name that comes to mind isn't Buffy! Also, maybe it's a testimony to the Geek in me, but Linda Cardellini's Velma is HOT!(Too bad there don't seem to be any nekkid pictures of these two out there ... heh, heh, heh!)

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