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So, I went off to this "Diversity Employment Day Career Fair" ... if it wasn't for the dire need of me getting a job, I might find it more humorous that being over 40 qualifies me as a "diversity" sort of employment seeker. I guess if you're a white middle-aged male, you're supposed to be solidly ensconced in a job and busy being "The Man" ... so being one of these white middle-aged males who happens to be unemployed seems to make me some sort of a side-show freak in the eyes of the "diversity" crowd, thereby getting me invited to these sorts of things (and being able to post resumes on the "diversity" web sites). It sort of reminds me of back in college when the Black student group invited the Asian students to join them ... needless to say, the dozen or so guys from Hong Kong over here studying paper chemistry didn't see much use in that! Well, if there's some quota out there that I can fill by being "old", I'll take it, I guess ... maybe one of these big corporations needs somebody to chase the darned kids off their lawn or something.

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