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Sears Tower ...

040407-004bOOOPS ... I meant to post this in urban_mode but forgot to "select active journal" ... oh well ... I guess I'll leave it up here too, once I get it re-formatted.

I went downtown to get my hair cut today. It's a pain in the ass having to go down to the south loop for a haircut, but I've been getting mine done by the same guy for like 30 years, and he keeps moving to new salons (he started out a block away from me up here).

Anyway, a lot of my pics are of the North Michigan Avenue area of Chicago, since that's where I spend most of my time, and I don't make it down to the area around the Sears Tower more than a few times a year, so I decided to take a couple of pics. This one was while I was waiting for the bus to head back north. The funny thing about the Sears Tower is that the way its base is designed, you don't notice it so much ... the eye isn't drawn up the way the Hancock Building does. As you approach it on the street it "feels" like just another building, unless, of course, you look up ... at which point it is a huge looming presence. The sun was right behind it in this, which I think helped give it the blue tinge.

I finally got a little belt-looped camera bag to fit my 1x2x3" Aiptek cam, so I now have it handy pretty much all the time ... hopefully this will mean more cool shots of stuff around the city and not just hundreds more repetitive shots of my kids!

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