BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Getting away for the weekend ...

The Wife has convinced me that we needed to get away for a bit. Things have been so damn stressful between my Mom's death (and all the stuff that goes with that), my still-sputtering job search, etc., etc., etc. ... so we're taking The Girls up to the Wisconsin Dells this weekend to do the "Bay of Dreams" indoor water park. The water park is part of the Treasure Island resort up there, which also has the huge outdoor "Family Land" water park during the summer. While the hotel costs are pretty brutal (we're staying at a Days Inn tonight for 1/5 of what we're paying on Saturday!), if you stay at the Treasure Island, you get free admission to Bay of Dreams, which is something like $23/day/person on the weekends ... plus you get access to the waterparks from the morning of the day you check in through the night of the day you check out, so (at 3 days admission x $92) it's almost a wash (but it does keep us just at that one place).
Last year we went up there in-between The Girls' birthdays (so I'm guessing it was in January), and they liked it a lot. Bay of Dreams is pretty cool, in that it's done up like Mayan ruins ... except for the kids' pool pirate ship, of course. I'm hoping the food options in mid-April will be better than they were in mid-January ... the only decent place to eat we found was this one Jamaican restaurant ... everything else was over-priced "Wisconsin Grease" cuisine ... bleh.

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