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NeuromancerWell, I finally got around to reading Neuromancer ... I had the hard-cover "10th Anniversary Edition" sitting around for a long time (it's well past the 20th anniversary now), and just hadn't gotten to it. Needless to say (it hardly needs my endorsement), it's a very good read. I found certain aspects of it quite interesting ... primarily the fact that when I nodded off reading it, the book "continued" in my dream states (albeit not as written by Mr. Gibson). Having seen The Matrix (well, the first two movies so far) prior to having read the book, there was a lot of "filtering" going on as I recognized themes and images from the films in their raw state in the book. I now want to read Gibson's other books as well.

I'm afraid that I'm going to become tiresome in my reiteration of this point ... but nearly all my "to be read" shelves' contents have been there for a decade (as I've mentioned before, in the 10 years that I ran Eschaton I worked pretty much 14-hour days, 7 days a week, and if it didn't have something to do with the business, it didn't get done ... so pretty much the only stuff I read during that time were manuscripts!). This leads me into situations, especially in the "cutting edge science" category (1/3 of my reading) of getting "old news". I'm afraid that this is going to again be the case with the next book in that slot, The Edges of Science by Richard Morris, which is so old (it came out in 1990) that neither Amazon nor B&N have a cover image ... on the plus side, though, if I end up really liking it, I can recommend the Amazon used link, which has it for as little as little as 75 cents! {edit: While Googling around looking for a cover image, I discovered that this is on the Church of All World's "Bibliography" page ... which makes me think I may find it of more interest than I was anticipating!}

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