BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Oh, yum ...

Well ... I have been playing "Mr. Mom" with The Girls this week, as they are both out on Spring Break. We also seem to have a stomach bug being passed around ... I was horribly sick last Thursday night, Daughter #2 (as noted previously) blew chow in the car on the way back from Wisconsin, and Daughter #1 threw up last night and twice today. Other than when we've been specifically sick we've not been feeling poorly, so I guess it's just a thing that's going around. Unfortunately for #1, I really had to get over to my Mom's place today to do some work. They are scheduled to come in tomorrow to replace the parts of her windows that open (they're doing this all through her building), and they needed to have everything away from the windows 3-4 feet. I'd managed to get the three bedroom windows cleared earlier, but today I had to try to deal with the livingroom and dining room (the kitchen's a lost cause, as she'd had a cabinet installed infront of the window, so I don't think they're going to be able to change that one!). The living room has custom-made sofas that completely wrap around the inside of the windows (the front 4' of the room is glass on 3 sides), so I had to try to move those and the various other pieces of furniture to let the work crews get to the two window panels that open. Also, I've been doing all the packing of my Mom's stuff in the dining room, so that invovled moving a bunch of stuff around to make that work. However, I think they can get all those done. They had damn well better be on schedule and get in there tomorrow, though. Anyway, I got The Girls settled in the den with the Disney Channel (which we don't get at home) on, and #1 watched and slept and got up once to puke, while #2 watched and ran around and poked around the "new" living room. Since I was over there, I got another couple of boxes of the "good" crystal packed. Despite the ever-growing stack of boxes in the dining room, it still feels like I haven't gotten anything done over there. Bleh.

Oh, yeah ... this post did have point ... I was feeling sort of "stir crazy" from being 100% with The Girls this week, and since The Wife didn't have anything planned for dinner, I ran up on the El to Belmont to have the buffet at Standard India. It was nice to get out, and I got a shot in the El tunnels that I think I may be putting up in either citylife or urban_mode. Standard India was, as always, delightful ... and it still is quite the deal (my pre-tip total was $10.77 which included the buffet and a chai). It is nice that they continue to do buffets at both lunch and dinner ... Indian food can be so painfully expensive if ordered off the menu, and if one is eating alone it is hard (unless one's at a place with a good thali) to get the variation that one would prefer with Indian cuisine. I guess Standard India must be doing OK these days (the owner lost a ton of money on a second location he had down here 15 years ago), as they have a brand new built-in marble-covered buffet and new marble accents around the restaurant!

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