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Whew ...

I always dread the days when it starts to get warm, but the building hasn't switched over from heating to cooling yet ... right now it is 88° and humid at my desk, and I'm wilting ... I suspect that I'm not going to get much useful stuff done today (despite the HUGE list of stuff I'm behind on from a solid 10 days of being "Mr. Mom") as I'm dropping off to sleep at the drop of a hat (well, more like at the click of a mouse). Bleh. I may go see a movie instead ... at least the theater will be cool.

I'm keeping an eye on my WebLogImages account ... posting to these communities seems to be sucking bandwidth ... despite only using 6% of my storage, I'm up to over 60% of my available (I'm on their $2/mo account) bandwidth for the past 30 days! I have to assume that some of my pics are being linked to by other folks ... for instance the picture of our new cat that I took when we brought her home last November has had 17 hits in the past 30 days while pics from December (stuff for Daughter #1's birthday, the Xmas tree stuff, etc.) have had zero to three views (yeah, it's not a lot, but it suggests that these are being used elsewhere). I find it interesting that images which scrolled off my main page are still getting three-hundred-some-odd views a month, which seems odd to me. The pics I've put up in the communities, however, are getting from 1,000 to 1,200 views, which I guess I should expect. In most cases I've just put those pics in-line in the posts, I guess I could go back and edit those behind cuts it I really wanted to.

Well, I went back and put the "older" pics in those communities behind cuts. Even images that were over a month old (and 2-3 pages back) were getting over 1,000 hits (whereas ones which I had, for reasons of formatting, originally put behind cuts were getting 300 or so hits). I guess I could get in a habit of editing the posts to those communities, once a month or so, to stick the older pics behind cuts so they weren't getting pointless hits. I also figure if the hit counts stay high on those, I could also go and change the file names, making it harder for people to hotlink out my images and suck that bandwidth. I mean, really, it's not that big of a deal (if I bumped up my sub $1/month I could get three times my current bandwidth), it just was bugging me today.

{another edit}
OK ... still messing with my WebLogImages stuff ... I wonder why the picture of ME from my 04/13/04 post about our trip to Wisconsin has had 406 views, while the pic of the 2" depth sign in the next paragraph has only 231 views? Could people seriously be linking to a pic of me in my LJ t-shirt? It really doesn't make much sense ... two pics from my 04/02/04 post have 340 and 334 views, and the pic from my 04/17/04 post has had 193 views. All of these are still on my "front page" to those who would be surfing in to my journal proper (a practice that I guess some people use, I almost never "visit", only read stuff on my Friends view), and one might expect that the 231 views of the depth sign would be on-target, being "available" for a period of time in-between the 193 views of the more recent post and the (averaged) 337 views of the older post. So, what's driving up the hits for the pic of me? Are people circulating it with a "look at that fat fool!" caption? Are they using it as a template to make voodoo dolls? I mean, if anything should be getting grabbed, it's the pic of that "2" - No Diving" sign, which is hilarious. I had thought of printing out a copy of the pic of me to send along to L.J. for the postcard wall, but it's not like I posted a link to it in lj_nifty or anything!

Eh ... in the words of the immortal Vinnie Barbarino: "Mr. Kotter ... I'm so confuuuuuuuuuuused!"

{further edit}
TAP ... TAP ... TAP ... Is this thing ON?
Hello ... Hello ... Testing ... 1 - 2 - 3 ... Testing ... Hello?
Man ... nobody ever responds to these posts anymore. Sucks to be me.

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