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2012 ...

OK, so the Mayan calender ends in the year 2012 (on December 21 or there abouts) ... much has been made of this in NewAge circles, especially after Jose Arguelles got a hold of it and merged its cycles with those of the I Ching (and DNA coding), and most notably after the late Terence McKenna morphed Arguelles' work into the Timewave Zero program. Now, few folks can agree what the end of the Mayan calendar means, with theories ranging from "the end of the world", to "a cosmic new age", to "the end of causality", to "Elvis coming back with an alien army to take over the world" ... but they all point towards that big Friday some eight years hence.

Having been reading stuff about this for the better part of two decades, I'm somewhat conditioned to note "2012" dates. Well, today I saw one in the sports pages that had me going "hmmmmmmm...", especially in the the context of "catastrophic world-ending events" ... New York City is bidding for the 2012 Olympics. Sounds like pinning a "kick me" sign on one's own backside (or a "come to NYC and do horrible things" sign) given the current world situation. I wonder what the Islamofacists' spin on 2012 is ...

Well, I guess I can't just leave well enough alone, and have to keep poking around ... I have been trying to find a source of the TWZ program, and ended up at some interesting pages. One of these ( had an interesting list of the remaining high and low points on the Timewave Zero graphs. One thing that I had not previously heard was that there was a major TWZ high spike on 9/11/01. Needless to say, I'm surprised that I hadn't seen that mentioned anywhere (it would be a great addition to Hoagland's 9/11 theories!). It could, of course, be an error by the author (he also confuses 2003 for a presidential election year!).

He refers another page ( as a source of the TWZ program, but I have yet to find where that might be there. However, there is quite a lot of other info on that site which seems quite interesting. Since McKenna's death in Y2K, many of the TWZ/2012 sites have gone dormant (including most of McKenna's own sites ... you would think that the motherfuckers [we have "history"] that run Levity would have cared enough to tidy up his documentation, not just locking down their ownership of his otherwise unused domains, but I guess it's all about them and not really about Terence!) however, this UK site has been updated as recently as a couple of weeks ago, so might be a good source for on-going 2012 info.

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