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More Mr. Mom ...

It's been more of "Mr. Mom" scheduling ... yesterday I had to pick up Daughter #2 at her daycare to take her to her ballet class, after ballet class we went home, got her changed back into "street clothes" and went to pick up her sister from her after-school Drama practice (she's in a production of Fiddler On The Roof) and loaded them both back on the bus to go back to Daughter #2's daycare place for "Gallery Night" (where each of the kids there had one of their artworks framed and on display). The Wife met us there and we stopped off at the legendary Five Faces on Division St. for dinner.

Today Daughter #1 was off of school due to it being Report Card Pick-Up Day, so I had her in tow. Our first stop was to bring Daughter #2 up to daycare, where they were doing "Breakfast with Dad" this week. After hanging out there and snarfing bagles & schmear, #1 and I went over to the beach.

Daughter #1 has been interested in photography, but as she's 8 years old, her skills (and judgement) are not where we'd want them to be for shooting film (oh, I want a pic of this hallway, oh, just one more of these flowers, etc.). Since I'd gotten the needed repairs done on her computer over the weekend (she'd trashed yet another CD drive ... I don't know what the "real story" was this time), I passed along the old digital cam that I'd previously gotten (and had the driver software installed on her machine as it conflicted with every TWAIN thing on my system ... I just HATE programs that think they're the only damned thing installed on a computer!) so that she could shoot pretty much all she wanted (well, the cam holds 32 pics before you have to download them, but it's good enough for her for now).

We went over to North Avenue Beach because I'd wanted to get a couple of shots from that perspective for a web & business card graphic for a project I'm putting together. I'd been meaning to get over there one morning when the light would be right for the wall of buildings on Lake Shore Drive. Unfortunately, it was so cloudy/hazy that this didn't work for me, but #1 was able to shoot a lot. We grabbed the bus home and messed with the images for a while.

I figured that since we had all day to kill (our meeting time with her teachers was 4:20pm) that we'd go see a movie, and ran off to the Webster Place theaters (they're a hike, but they're Lowes ... for which I have a stack of gift certificates ... it seems like if something is here downtown at the AMC theater, then it will be at Lowes' Webster Place location) to see Ella Enchanted. The film was fun, a re-write of the Cinderella myth, with a few surprises in casting (AbFab's Joanna Lumley as the wicked step-mother, Heidi Klum as a giantess, Eric Idle as the narrator). Aftewards we walked back up to Fullerton, grabbed a bite at the Burger King, got back on the bus, back on the El, and home in time to make a few phone calls before going to over to school.

Daughter #1 got the "Principal's Scholar" award (the highest level of academic achievement) for all three terms this year! Her teachers did nothing but rave about her. Needless to say, I'm very proud. One of my biggest challenges is to keep her interested enough in her work to keep focused. I had the same issues when I was a kid ... I always knew that I could flip through something right before class (or a test) and pretty much "get it", so was not real big on good study habits. So, I'm constantly on her case about studying even if she already knows the stuff, just to build the "studying skill" set. Bleh. Part of me just wants to tell her "look, you're more intelligent than 99.99% of other people, do what interests you and let others worry about the drudge work", but (as I have painfully discovered) the world is not very amenable to working that way!

Speaking of working ... I actually have an interview set up for Monday. It's for a customer service job at a bank that a monkey could do, but the interview's with the head of HR, so I'm hoping that I might be able to seed the concept that maybe somebody with my background would be better used in a more "professional" gig there. Anyway, if they offer me the "monkey job", I'll take it, as its a lot easier finding a job if you already HAVE a job, and I figure I'd be better positioned to "deal up" once "in the game".

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