BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Great deal ...

OK ... so, call me a whore, but I don't often shill for products that I don't have some sort of commercial interest in (yeah, it's not much, but I get kickbacks from Amazon if folks use those links for the books, etc. ... but you knew/suspected that already, right?), however, I've enjoyed having this jacket so much, and it's such a good deal, that I figured I'd pass it along.

I'd been looking for a new spring/fall jacket, my previous leathers being in pretty trashed shape, and saw this ad in the Heartland America e-mail catalog update. Being the cheap bastard that I am, I immediately noticed that it was $49.99 maked down from $249.99 ... and, lord knows, I'm always happy to save 80% on a purchase! I did have some trepidation about the coat before it arrived (after all, how good can a $50 leather sport coat be?), but was quite happy with it, and have been wearing it ever since the weather got a bit too warm for the down parka (although today I really wished I'd had the down parka on ... it was freezing out there!).

Also, being a "big guy" I was very pleased to see that this came in various XL sizes ... since I take a 54 in a suit jacket, most of the time I need a 2XL or bigger in this sort of thing (and nearly every time I find a deal in a close-out catalog, it's just for small or medium coats ... and who can wear those girly man sizes?), and was happy that I guessed right on the size on this.

Anyway, I was surprised to see this re-surface in the mail today. I'm probably going to order one for my Brother's birthday ... if you're looking for a deal on a nice mid-length leather jacket, you should check this out. Either click on the pic or HERE for the link.

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