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So, science campers, today's experiment is to see if a digital cam that has been run through the washing machine will ever work again!

No, I'm not kidding. And, NO, I didn't have anything to do with setting up the experiment. {insert muttered grumblings about The Wife's behavior patterns here}

So, I was over at my Mom's place for a couple of hours this morning ... got one more closet dug out and got to listen to a bit more of the NFL Draft (go Bears!). I got back here just in time to get changed into coat-and-tie and get over to Daughter #1's school's spring fundraiser. I ended up going alone, as I'm the "schmoozer" in the family, and with my job search I can use all the schmoozing I can get in (and I think I may have gotten some constructive schmoozing done there!). In my pre-orphaned world, we would have normally dropped The Girls by my Mom for the few hours of the event, but that's obviously not an option any more, so The Wife took them out somewhere.

While out, Daughter #1 was happily taking pictures with the digital camera I gave her last week. I figured that when she shoots film it ends up costing us about 40¢ a shot (about $10 per roll for film and developing), so did the math to figure out that we were WAY ahead of the game having her use one of my old digital cameras ... she can shoot 32 nice blurry, out of focus, and repetetive shots (with the occasional gem in with the dross), download them to her computer, and the start all over again without my pulling my hair out over the cost. Great, right? Well, while they were out The Wife decides that Daughter #1's pink & white leather Barbie jacket is so disgusting that it must be washed immediately upon their return. So frenzied to get the slightly be-grimed jacket into the wash, she does not BOTHER to check the pockets, which included the aforementioned digital cam in its nice little leather carrying case.

Upon retreiving the coat from the washing machine The Wife discovers her idiocy ("not her fault", of course ... nothing ever IS), and presents the box-of-circuits-and-water to me. I get out the tech screwdrivers and disassemble to camera. Fortunately, it was a "cheaper" model without a viewscreen, so pulling it apart was less difficult than it would have been with a higher tech version. However, I am pretty doubtful of how well it will operate once re-assembled. After all, just having the BATTERIES churning around in hot soapy water while in the camera can't be good for the wiring ... let alone the main curcuit board with the various chips, NONE of which were intended for this sort of abuse.

Of course, I have heard of flooded computers that have been blow-dried back to life, so I guess there is a chance, but this REALLY pisses me off. Aside from my exasperation over the pure bull-headed stupidity by which the camera got into the washing machine, I had been very pleased with how Daughter #1 was enjoying using it ... and this is (needless to say) putting a big brake on that (let alone the fact that Daughter #1 was all upset that the pictures she took today are pretty much certainly gone).

Like I needed this sort of irritation? Bleh.

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