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Job Interview ...

OK ... before I get into today's story ... let me put out a plea ... If you've been throwing any positive vibes my way, please focus them on the possibilities of my getting hired by the Chicago Tribune! I just sent out resumes for TWO great gigs there, one with Chicago Tribune Interactive for a "producer" position with, and the other being a Conference & Event Manager role with Tribune Media Services! Either of these would be great jobs for me, and the Tribune has long been on my "short list" of places I'd like to work. So, if you've been burning green candles or saying rosaries for me, please focus on these options right now

Anyway, that's not the thing I went out for this morning. The Chubb Institute's new Career Services guy has been busting butt more than his predecessors in terms of setting up things for us, and this came from his efforts. The job (at the Chicago HQ of a major international bank), to be honest, was WAY off-base considering the depth of my experience, and, frankly, the nature of my background (they were really looking for people who'd done "customer service" gigs previously). It also started at about 1/4 what my last paycheck (way back in '93, mind you) was running.

I did explain how I was somewhat "starting over" and saw this as a stable environment, and the Hiring Manager that I was speaking with even brought up that he could see me fitting in better in some other departments, and indicated that he would be forwarding my resume to his associates there. He also indicated that he would discuss my resume (especially the tech version) with the head of their on-line area to see if there might be some more "managerial" options open. So, even though it was pretty much "going through the motions" for this particular job (it was doing help desk for their on-line banking), it might bear fruit in other areas.

Considering that this is only the SECOND TIME in 3+ years that I've gotten to an interview, I was glad to just have the practice. One thing I learned today was that I need to have info like my salary history (I, quite frankly, don't recall the specifics of what I was being paid back in my P.R. days, just a "ballpark" the the total compensation package) and info on references. There were a lot of gaps on my application form (for instance, I have no "supervisors" they can talk to ... I was a one-man operation at Eschaton for 10 years and my Mom's dead, so they can't ask her about the P.R. firm!), but I guess that's going to be an on-going problem, since I'm not the kind of guy who fits neatly into the "square holes".

Keep your fingers crossed, though, for those Tribune jobs ... it would be very cool if one of those came through!

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