BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

"Science Project" update ...

Alas, despite my best efforts of a quick drying, the digital cam that The Wife ran through the wash in Daughter #1's jacket seems to be beyond resuscitation. I suspect that part of this has to do with there being current through the system through the whole ordeal (while I was able to pull out the AA batteries, there was another battery glued in there for the memory), and when I went to re-assemble the camera, there was a substantial amount of corrosion that had built up on the main memory chip's pins.

I am torn now between spending $40 to get her a new "simple" cam (as, obviously, the object of the exercise of passing along one of my digital cams to Daughter #1 was to give her the ability to "shoot at will" and work up her skills) that would be very limited, yet point-and-shoot ... or spending a bit more (TigerDirect had a 3mp cam with a viewscreen for about $80) for something with bells & whistles and perhaps turn her off from taking pictures given the necessities of having to mess with various settings. I still have another digital cam (that The Wife got for me a year or so back) which is similar to the one that just got trashed, maybe I'll pass that one along, and just keep the little pencam for connecting to my laptop.

As a side-note, I'm amazed at how low the prices have gotten for some of the mid-range cameras. The one I got in January to record the stuff at my Mom's place has come down by a quarter in the just the past few months and there were a number of "decent" cams (with viewscreens) under a hundred bucks when I was checking around for a replacement for the "drowned" cam.

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