BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Lovely ...

My, oh my ... I forgot how the drama escalates in some parts of L.J. land!

I made a comment to one Friend's post, which was about some bad reaction he'd had to a comment he'd made in somebody else's journal. My comment to his was to the effect of "hey, I've had a negative experience with that person too, so it's not just you", and, frankly, I didn't know ANY of the details involved in what had precipitated the reaction that he was referring to (and, honestly, he probably made a poor choice with his initial comment, but that's his business). I further expressed my distaste for the practice of keeping a lock-down on who can post (i.e. "Friends Only") in journals where substantial numbers of entries are public (hey, I wouldn't be tempted to join into a discussion if access to it was Friends Only and I couldn't see it!).

The Friend in question then followed up the initial post with another, to which I also commented, with a further observation of the LJ "Friends" thing and how it is used by different people (in this case, a comparison of F/Fo ratios).

Various other comments ensued, eventually by the LJ user of the account being discussed.

Now, this user does have "a history" and probably has some pretty good reasons for A) keeping most of her information private, and B) reacting the way she did about the original comment made in her journal. She launched into the fray in full attack mode, and then retreated (while, of course, deleting her comments there), with the somewhat strange action of claiming that she was going to be friending those involved.

Frankly, I don't care if she's friended me or not ... except to the point that I could, if I chose to, make comments now to those otherwise public posts (which was my initial gripe, aired in my comment to the fellow who made a comment in her journal ... is this confusing enough yet?).

What really irks me is that once she deleted her comments from the posts in the other journal (which were, of course, somewhat to the point as a response), she's now posted a whole screed about this in her journal, incorporating (somewhat nasty) comments about me, and some other LJ folks.

I just HATE it when shit blows up like this ... frankly, there are a lot of corners of L.J. that I don't bother with because of "drama" like this. However, I'd kept this person on my Friends list from "way back" because she's an interesting person who does interesting stuff and often has interesting perspectives about where she lives and who she knows, PLUS she's a good friend of some of MY good friends on L.J.

I actually think that she did have her journal completely "Friends Only" for a while, as I would only sporadically see posts from her showing up on my Friends List ... which is FINE ... as I noted, my irritation came from seeing various posts which were asking for some sort of feedback (about bands or lyrics or "what do you like?" or somesuch), and then going through the effort to make informative coherent comments, only to find that they wouldn't go through due to her journal being still "Friends Only" for posting. This irritation was the SOLE point of my "hey it's not just you" response to the other L.J. user ... and to have this blow up the way it has (and I really hate having my name/journal dragged through the mud like it has been) is just stupid!

Anyway, I am going to pass up on "the opportunity" to defend myself over in her journal, as I can't see it leading anywhere constructive. I was, however, sufficiently pissed off about the stuff in her most recent post that I felt I needed to state my case against the possibility of a bunch of folks from her Friends List deciding they'd meander over here for trollish fun & games.

There. That's my version and I feel pretty good about having not named any names.

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