BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Whew ...

Man, I wish I could coax the A/C into working in my office ... it's supposedly in the high 70's outside and according to the clock thing here (with temp read-out) it's 86° in here! Our building has zoned water heating/cooling and sometimes it's tricky to get the thermostat to figure out that there's been a switch (despite it being as hot as it is in here, it will activate on "warmer", not on "cooler" ... the trick being to run it on "warmer" so the blower is going and then nudge it to a mid-range and eventually into "cooler" ... but I've not been quite able to fool it into working as yet!).

I've not gotten much useful done today due to the heat. At least it's just about time for me to go get The Girls, so I won't have to just sit here and sweat for much longer.

Ohhhh ... on my way out of the building I asked the doorman if they'd switched over to A/C yet, and he indicated that since we were only supposed to have a day or so of "hot" weather, amid a lot of days of much cooler weather, they weren't going to switch over yet. THAT would explain why I wasn't able to cajole the thermostat to behaving like there was cool air to be had! According to AOL's weather thing, we're supposed to have, starting tonight, four straight days of thunderstorms. This is pretty typical for Chicago changing "seasons" (both "Spring" and "Fall" are typically a week of heavy rain separating hot and cold weather!), so I'm guessing that we'll probably have the A/C up next week when the forecast is for on-going mid-to-upper 70's.

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