BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Hypocrisy ...

Don't you just love how all the Democratic "leadership" is singing with one voice how Bush had "no justification" for going to war with Iraq, and how Bush had somehow fabricated the WMD info to justify it? Gee ... it looks like they were of a different mind earlier:

I'm still looking for a quote I read the other day on the "international legalities" regarding the Gulf War I cease-fire agreements ... basically, if Saddam (who pretty much thumbed his nose at the entire process) had even screwed up on the punctuation in the documents, it would be "official" legal justification to go back in and finish the job. The people who talk about "fabrication" and "illegal war" are either insane, or ENEMIES OF THE UNITED STATES ... there really isn't any other explanation to the level of outright lies they're spewing about the war!

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