BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

A fascinting map ...

I was poking around for some data to support a comment I was making to a post in another journal, when I ran acoss this fascinating map:

This is a county-by-county look at the 2000 election results ... red counties for Bush, blue counties for Gore. You might as well title the map "Where The Leftists Are", as any massing of blue on this corresponds to either an ideological Leftist zone (the Pacific Coast areas, the "hippy" parts of Arizona and New Mexico, etc.), an "old-guard Leftist" Union-dominated urban area, or an "inbred rural poverty" region cynically exploited by the Left.

When will America wake up to the fact that The Media is NOT interested in helping our nation succeed, and that The Left is our enemy? I really wish that there was a 24/7 universally available news source that would be to FOXNews what FOXNews is to, say, ABCNews (or that Stalinist rag out of New York) ... something that would call Leftist scumbags scumbags and hold up for ridicule the idiocies of Statist government programs/policies as the idiocies (or sedition) that they are!

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