BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Freedom ... freedom ...

If everything goes as planned over the next few days, I may finally be free of the evil bastards at and Network Solutions! I had been letting a lot of my domain maintenance slide over the past few months (I've had, obviously, a lot of other stuff on my mind), but spent a chunk of the past week re-upping on what needed to be re-upped and changing info where it needed to be changed, etc. One of the things coming up was a domain that was regisered with Network Solutions. Now, I have, for quite a while, been doing $9.95 registrations with either Hostica or Active-Domain, so when I was looking at that renewal page at N.S. charging me $35.00 to renew the domain in question, I just couldn't do it. I recalled seeing a "transfer domain" tab over at Active-Domain (my current fave place to register domains, since you get so much stuff for your $9.95!), so checked that out. I figured, hey, why not save $25.00? I called up my hosting ISP (which was the "technical contact" for the N.S. domain) and asked them about it, if there would be any complications, etc. and they told me it should be no problem.

Well, the form at the Active-Domain site let you put in several domains to transfer all at one go, so I thought "hmmmmm...." I have one re-direct domain which has been at for ages and I have HATED those motherfuckers for years (ever since they sent out an e-mail offering all sorts of stuff, with a "more info" link that automatically registered three domains for you ... with my name in .com, .org, and .biz). I mean, sure, I might want to have those, but I have NO USE for them at the moment and it really pissed me off that they would have the gall to REGISTER them wthout MY PERMISSION (I was only clicking on a "more info" link!), and then bug the living shit out of me for expensive renewals once the "free registration" period was up. As I said ... I have HATED those motherfuckers ever since! Now, the domain I had at was one that I use ALL THE TIME and really don't want to mess up on, so I have been very hesitant to make any changes, but as I had JUST paid them for a new year (and Active-Domain credits you for time on your existing registrations), I figured I'd give that a shot too.

While this is all still in process, I am feeling so "free" to kiss off both and Network Solutions (at least I think that's my last thing at Network Solutions ... over the years I had several there). BOTH of them were all "oh, you're making a terrible mistake" and "oh, you need to sign off on our AGREEMENT" and shit on their forms, but from what I read at Active-Domain (and the instructions my ISP helpfully sent me) I don't think they can really do anything other than comply with my transfer order (especially since they're long-standing domains, they all seem to have blocks on moving something in its first 60 days).

So, cross your fingers for me that this all goes well ... also, if anybody has cautionary tales of trouble moving things away from either of these, please let me know, so I can be prepared to go to war with them!

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