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Ooooh ...

We have a special treat for you today, boys and girls ... a NEW POEM, hatched this very morning, all bright and fluffy! You don't normally get to see any of Brendan's poems until they've sat around and festered for a bit ... but today you get to see one that's not even two hours old! Now, isn't that special?

                    WANDERED TO DESTRUCTION

                    clouds of doubt,
                    a fog of fear,
                    every day immerses
                    into worry;
                    we can not know,
                    we can not plan,
                    we stand on mists
                    unstable, vague
                    fast forward time,
                    days and nights and days
                    flash by untethered
                    to what we'd want to do,
                    each new dawn
                    piles fresh regret
                    on the mountain of failures
                    which is this life
                    locked within
                    the dooming zone,
                    the point in space
                    where nothing works,
                    where no intent
                    bears desired fruit,
                    and no path leads
                    to better lands
                    does the nightmare
                    ever end?
                    does the torment
                    have release?
                    does the madness
                    allow escape
                    from senseless worlds
                    and crushing days?
                    these gravities entrap,
                    pulling tighter with a weight,
                    snapping bones, pulping flesh,
                    grinding spirit into dread;
                    there were no charts
                    which mapped this star,
                    we've wandered to destruction
                    without a way to flee

                             - Brendan Tripp

                    Copyright © 2004 by Brendan Tripp

{Guest Teacher's note: Well, this morning I, as usual, got Daughter #1 over to school for the 9:00 bell, but today was their "Spring Assembly", which started at 9:30, and for which my presence was somewhat demanded. So, I had to figure out what to do with this not-quite-enough-to-go-anywhere-or-do-anything chunk of time. AHA! I pulled out the ittybitty notebook and set to scribbling. You are seeing this so soon due to the fortuitous scheduling of Daughter #1's class as the FIRST thing on the program, allowing me to sneak out immediately after (these Assemblies typically involve nearly two hours of very bad singing and embarassing choreography, and I've had to dutifully sit through several previous ones where my little darling was in the LAST grouping!), return home to type this up, download the grainy distant digital pics, post this and get back to trying to do something useful.}

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