BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

So much for planning ...

Well, my Brother can't make it out ... he's blaming our thunderstorms. I guess he and my niece had been out at Logan most of the evening, but the first flight was cancelled, and the second flight indeterminantly delayed, so they were giving up on it and going home. Oh, well. We weren't going to be able to meet with the real estate gal this weekend anyway. I figured that if I make 8-10 trips with the hand cart I should be able to get everything over to storage by myself without the hassles of renting a truck and booking elevator time over at my Mom's building (yes, I am aware that any normal, sane, human being would much prefer those options, but both of those require dealing with people which is something that I would go to GREAT lengths to avoid ... so better I repeatedly walk heavy boxes 8 blocks than have to deal with whatever stress/attitude/hassles would be involved with having to deal with the U-Haul idiots and the "little Hitlers" in the building office!). If I do two trips a day (say, in the morning, after I drop Daughter #1 at school), it will take me less than a week.

Yeah, it sucks to not have any IRL friends to be able to lean on for this sort of shit ... I used to have our nephew in town, but he just moved out to L.A., so anybody that I could even remotely consider tapping for this sort of thing are 3 hours away. Bleh. Humans.

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