BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

I'm back ...

Well ... it looks like my LJ Friends took it relatively easy on me while I was gone ... I only have about 225 posts to catch up on from Friday through Monday (I've already cut through the 350 pieces of spam to the 15 actual messages in my mail box)!

All in all, the trip went very well. We had super driving weather on the way out and remarkably little traffic on 80/90 ... it still took us 8 hours to get to Columbus, but that was due to frequent pit/food stops for The Girls. We got to hang out with various of The Wife's relatives, and I ended up being spared her Aunt's wedding, being tagged for Chuck E. Cheese duty instead. The story of the wedding is sort of sweet ... at age 80+ said Aunt just married her highschool sweetheart, after both of them outliving spouses of 50-some years. The Wife said, though, that the wedding was heavy on the "haven't seen this person since I was 5" side, so (needless to say), I as an "outsider" would have been hugely bored. We did get to see my Father-in-law, his "fiancee", my "good" Sister-in-law, two of our three nephews (one with a "serious" girlfriend in tow), and a couple of The Wife's old highschool buddies ... so the weekend panned out well for the "family schmoozing" thing.

I was really worried that we were going to be slogging through solid rain on the way back today, but it was only sporadic. The traffic, too, was pretty decent for it being the end of the holiday weekend. It did take us 9.5 hours from when we left breakfast in Columbus to when I parked the unloaded car in Chicago, though, so I'm pretty fried from driving. The only "bad" parts really (well, except for the few minutes of totally blinding rain, of course) were on either end of the Chicago Skyway, the Indiana end due to construction and the Chicago end due to back-ups on the Ryan (we ended up bailing and taking the "scary" run up deep-south State Street ... which always feels like begging to be car-jacked!), but the Skyway itself was moving along just fine (which is frequently not the case).

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