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ouch ...

OK, so in order to avoid the stress of having to deal with "little Hitlers" and barely-functional idiots, I opted to move most of the stuff (we're not talking furniture yet, but there are seven 2x2x2' boxes plus nine smaller ones) from my Mom's place over to storage manually (well, on cart). This allows me to not have to negotiate official use of the service elevator with the building management (in my experience, never a pleasant process) and not have to deal with the sub-sentient staff up at U-Haul. I had planned on having all this stuff done by mid-day tomorrow, being that it would take 8 trips (at about 45 minutes each) to get everything that's packed up at this point moved. Unfortunately, due to a combination of intermittent rain and general sloth, I didn't get out of the house yesterday to do that. So, I had two trips' worth over there from Tuesday, and the rest still sitting in my Mom's dining room. The "concept" was to do one run in the morning (after dropping Daughter #1 off at school), and another in the afternoon (after having picked up Daughter #1 and before having to go get Daughter #2). This was a "good plan", since the boxes are rather heavy and they need to go 8 blocks (about a mile), which, while not "challenging" in and of itself per trip, is rather tiring. This morning I did two runs back-to-back and I'm feeling it now. I could have probably squeezed out another run but figured that I'd end up being useless for anything else today if I did. So, I'm hoping to get at least one more trip done this afternoon (I'd wait to get #1, but it's "dojo day", so we are a bit touch-and-go in the late afternoon as it is), and then at least two in the morning. I guess I won't hate myself too much if all that's not moved is the last two smaller boxes!

By the way ... did that "What kind of pagan are you?" quiz meme ... I ended up (oddly enough, like almost everybody else that I saw taking it) witth: "You are THE REAL THING! You are just a regular person with alternative beliefs. You don't feel you have anything to prove and are just enjoying life. Good for you!" ... however, the picutre was big and stupid (it was a still from one of the Harry Potter movies) so I figured I'd spare folks having to have it trash up their Friends List! The quiz itself is amusing, so I'm referencing it here for the heck of it.

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