BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

That Russian Meme thing ....

Hey, all ... I've seen that "Russian Meme" thing in a bunch of Friends' journals, and it turns out to be a NASTY bit of Java coding which (among other things) can snag your password. I followed up a note in mightyrighty's journal to a post in unicorn261's journal where 00goddess outlines what's up with that and provides this link for the full scoop:

In short ... if you HAVE done that "Russian Meme" thing ... go read that info and, at minimum, change your password!

I'm glad that I'm a paranoid enough person that I almost never "do an LJ meme" without first reading the comments on the post (just in case other people are bitching about it!). In this case, every post of that Russian thing showed up as "no such entry" when I tried to read the comments on it ... which really made me suspicious, and led me into following the above trail of info.

Anyway ... thought I'd pass all this along here.

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