BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

More poetry ...

Ah, what a lovely mood we were in this morning ... I get pre-verbal just thinking about it. The level of violence which is harbored in my heart is truly frightening ... I'm always amazed that I have as yet not killed anybody in a moment of uncautiously-triggered rage. Good thing I don't have to drive on a daily basis, as I'd be the guy waving the Uzi in traffic! Grrrrrr...

                    TO BE BROUGHT DOWN AGAIN

                    beaten down
                    the world conspires
                    to crush the soul
                    to break the spirit
                    and cause the mind
                    to ache for death

                    our days become
                    a sadist circus
                    with endless rings
                    of cruel amusement
                    for unseen eyes
                    that crave our pain
                    our humiliation
                    and degradation

                    at every turn
                    new banes arise
                    new forms of bleeding
                    to drain our strength
                    to sap resources
                    to suck out hope
                    from every corner
                    where even prayers might yet reside

                    we are the bird
                    beneath the cat
                    broken, bloody
                    yet not quite dead
                    flopping in our agonies
                    giving claws and teeth fresh play
                    while wishing death would take us hence
                    freeing us from pain

                    all that's left to us
                    is hatred
                    a burning fire that would consume
                    all things connected to that world
                    to tear all down
                    in conflagration
                    to purge all taint
                    of the damning race

                             - Brendan Tripp

                    Copyright © 2001 by Brendan Tripp

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