BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

New Icons!

Oh, my ... with these I've filled just over half my currently-possible icons ... being #25 and #26 out of 50. I'd been playing around with these concepts for a while, and somehow was able to "pull the trigger" on them today ... they are "Coffee" and "Mayflower" respectively:


You don't suppose that Dunkin Donuts and/or the Mayflower Society would mind my borrowing their images, do you? I am, after all, a very good customer of the former, and a dues paying member of the latter! Heh.

The reason I managed to get to these today was that I was trying to tidy up some folders on my HD, and the neighborhood of /LJ/icons was a mess with bits and pieces of various things I've done (especially for the animated icons), so I made subdirectories for each icon project, which is much better (unless I'm looking in a hurry and don't recall what's what, of course). I know I still have some icon files for things that I made for other folks rattling around in other directories, so if I get real obsessive, I'll hunt those down and sort them out in there as well.

Yeah ... I know ... like you care ...

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