BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Odd day ...

It was a strange one today. First of all, The Wife was feeling poorly, called in sick to work, and basically spent all day sleeping. This meant that I had to take both of The Girls to school this morning. Not that this is a HUGE imposition, but instead of it being my one-block-there/one-block-back there was a couple of bus rides added ... but, hey, I got an extra-large coffee at Dunkin Donuts so I had a "Geat One" logo to scan for that "coffee" icon in the previous post! Since I had the graphic handy, I finished up that, and then started tidying up the files and found the Mayflower graphic, so finished up that, so there you have it.

Anyway, The Wife had been pressing me to "fish or cut bait" as far as next weekend goes. Among several other things, next weekend includes Fathers Day, and she wanted to know if I was going to be around or not. The "or not" involved my 25th College Reunion, which is also next weekend. I'd "gotten permission" to go if I wanted to, but with all this stuff happening (geez ... don't tell me that I didn't mention it in here ... hmmm, looks that way ... the was a chance that I might have been EMPLOYED as of this morning, but that obvioiusly fell through ... perhaps I'll write up a post about that), I wasn't sure if that was going to be workable. Since that possible-sudden-job-opportuntiy didn't pan out, I had the time and we'd discussed my taking Daughter #1 up with me. Sooooo ... I spent most of the day today on the phone and on-line trying to get everything lined up for me to head up to Appleton, WI on Friday. I still need to get the forms all filled out (I really hate forms!), and faxed up there, but it looks like we're a "go" for that. They have quite a neat sounding Kids' program, and Daughter #1 is excited about attending. Perhaps the nicest thing about the whole weekend is that Lawrence is only charging $25/person for housing for the whole weekend. Frankly, if it didn't involve taking the kid with, I might very well have opted for the Greyhound (which is how I used to come and go from school) just to save a few bucks and "relive the experience" (actually, though, I got a great car rental rate, which was only about ten bucks more than the bus!), but the Greyhound was an "achy" thing at 20, and I can only imagine how it would feel a quarter century later.

By the way ... we went to see Garfield yesterday. It was O.K. ... but it's probably going to be a "flop" ... I think we saw Shrek2 on the Sunday of its opening weekend and the theater was packed, well, the theater for Garfield, on the Sunday of its opening weekend, was only about 15-20% full. Not a good sign. Frankly, I think Bill Murray was wasted as the voice, he didn't bring anything "notable" to the character, so why use the big-name talent? The Girls liked it well enough, though.

Hey, I finally watched a movie that I bought! It took me two nights, but I got through "This Is Spinal Tap"! I don't know how people can rent movies and watch them all the time ... I'm "ansty" to go DO something within about 20 minutes of putting a tape on. The Walgreens by us had a great selection of VHS movies in recently, all for $3.99, so I had to at least pick up one. As I've noted before, we have a bad habit of buying the occasional movie that will sit around literally for YEARS before it even gets the shrink wrap off of it. I have a version of Nesferatu here that I'm interested in seeing (because of the sountrack by Type O Negative) but the DVD has been sitting there for nearly a year. How do people find the TIME???

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