BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

By the way ...

One of the reasons that I've "disappeared" over the past week or so is that I've finally got back into working on the Big Poem Site ... I'd sort of "hit the wall" on that a couple of years ago when I decided that the navigation graphics I had weren't up to par (they looked great in Netscape, but IE fucked up their spacing and they looked like crap there), and was wanting to do an image map instead ... which I was just never able to "pull the trigger on".

Anyway, I'd been getting so rusty on my coding that I decided that I really HAD to get back into writing some code, and as some outside (unpaid) projects that I'm going to be doing are still in the "we'll get you the information for that eventually" stage, I figured that I'd jump back into the poetry thing. I got the image map done (although, heaven help me, I had to do a screen capture of the Netscape version of the previous graphics for the basic image!) and implemented it into the "template" file that I use while adding poems, and worked up some test files. Since I'd sort of "walked away" from the project, I had to get back in and pull the filing system up to the present date (well, I ran it up through 2005), as that evaporated mid-2002. So, I'm pretty much ready to start adding in poems from the poems that I've transcribed and put up here. Of course, I still have that "other notebook" to transcribe (so there's a gaping hole in the chronological continuity of the poems), but at least I'm good-to-go on what I have.

The PROBLEM is that I already have some 1,500 files up on the site, each of which needs to have the new image map edited in (and updated with the appropriate links). That is going to take a long time for me to even get to, let alone get finished! Anyway ... if folks were wondering "Gee, haven't heard much about what Brendan's been up to!", that's why ... I've had my head into spewing HTML, which always makes me a dull boy.

Visit the BTRIPP home page!

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