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Whew ...

I'm beat ... I had to drag Daughter #1 home from Lincoln Square, but heck we were still there at 9:15 and her official bed-time's at 9! It was a busy Thursday ... today was her last day of 2nd grade (there is a half day tomorrow and another on Tuesday, but she's going with me to Wisconsin tomorrow and she's already missed two weeks of camp, so this was it at school), so it was something of a "big deal", but being Thursday, it's "Dojo Day", and we had to get her stuff together and then go get her sister from daycare, meet their Mom over by the train, hand off #2 to her, and then get out butts on the train for class.

The Dojo (the Degerberg Academy) is up in the Lincoln Square area. Typically, while she's in class, I run out to do some shopping at one of the dollar stores up that way ... today I went over to the Deals to pick up stuff for the Wisconsin trip. On my way over there I noticed that the new GP Franklin's had opened ... this is an "olde time" soda fountain / candy shoppe / restaurant which just opened yesterday at the north end of Lincoln Square. When we go for these later classes at Dojo, The Wife insists that I feed Daughter #1 before we get home, so I popped in there to check the menu (unfortunately, Daugther #1 is not interested in the Thai, Chinese, Greek, German, Mexican, or other cuisines available within a block or so of Dojo) ... I noticed they had pizza, so figured that would be an easy enough "sell" to her. As it turned out, they have a fun kids menu, with "make your own pizza" which involved them bringing out a prepared crust and a plate full of toppings (sauce, cheese, sausage, and pepperoni) which the kid applies to the crust, which is then brough back to the kitchen and baked. The place is amusing ... with a big display in the front with toy trains going around a big mountain, which is a "fudge volcano".

As if this was not enough, there was also a festival going on in Giddings Plaza, where some of Daugther #1's friends from Dojo and their folks were hanging out. Somebody had supplied a lot of hula hoops, and there was a fun punk/polka band, The Polkaholics playing. Well, it was already close to 8:00 (at this point her class had gotten out and we'd gone for dinner), but #1 wanted to hang out and play. I finally said we had to go at 9:15 (the band was taking a break), since it typically takes us 45 minutes to get home, and I really didn't want to be up all night, given that I'm going to have to drive for four hours in the morning.

Speaking of which ... I'm off for my 25th college reunion tomorrow. This is making me feel VERY old, indeed. While on one hand, college seems "like just yesterday", it's also a yesterday which is on the other side of 15 years as a P.R. executive and a decade of doing the Publishing thing. Needless to say, going to one of these sorts of reunions dead broke and in the middle of a desperate job search is less than heartening. I guess I'm going to be doing a lot of introducing my smart, pretty, elder daughter!

Anyway ... if you don't hear from me until Sunday night that's because I'm off in the wilds of Wisconsin (or, at wild as it gets up around Appleton). I had the bright idea that since Sunday is Fathers Day, and my Dad is buried in Kenosha (which we will be passing along the way), we might as well make a side trip then to visit the grave site. Been doing a lot of that lately (we spent a chunk of the time that we were in Columbus over Memorial Day weekend goign out to my mother-in-law's grave).

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