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Weird shit ...

Yep ... it's long, it's freaky, and probably nobody fucking cares ...

Hmmm ... had a call up from the front desk about a half hour ago announcing "Bob" ... now, one of my best buddies from College is a "Bob" and it would not be terribly out of character for him to show up unannounced in the middle of the night. However, following the call, I waited and waited (and did some frantic organization) but no knock on the door. Either they had the wrong apartment (although the voice saying "Bob" when the doorman asked did sure sound like Bob), or there is a stray Bob in the building somewhere. I think that "our" Bob knows our apartment number and didn't end out passing out outside my old apartment down on the 2nd floor!

Oh, well ... that's as good a lead-in to my story of the weekend as any, I suppose. On Friday, Daughter #1 and I drove up to Appleton, WI for me to attend the 25th reunion for my college class (Bob was nowhere to be found up there either). The drive up was relatively uneventful, except that I took the wrong road going into Milwaukee and had to backtrack to get back to 41 (it's been a long time since I went up to Appleton, and ended up taking the "more familiar" road that goes up to Door County) ... frankly their signage sucks, as they have 94 and 41 going "TO MADISON" and the other option going "TO GREEN BAY", and since I was wanting to go North and not West, I opted for the latter, rather than figuring out that 41 went West and then turned North!

Our class was HQ'd in one of the older dorms on the end of campus that I never much got to back then ... but at $25 for the weekend, it was a deal. There were various kids programs (for 4 age groups), and my daughter was excited about all of it ... her thing stated at 5pm on Friday, and my first "activity" was at 6, so it was easy to drop her off and then get organized for socializing. I ran into one of my old buds, "Flame", who used to live down here (initially right next door) back in the old Punk days, and we used to go out clubbing all the time. She eventually moved back to Mps/StP and we don't have a whole lot of on-going contact, so it was cool to be able to hang out with her all weekend. Flame is still into wild orange hair and go-go/gypsy outfits, so it helped to buffer the "who are all these OLD people?" reactions! Too damn many faces with poodle perms and decades of PTA meetings in their eyes. I mean, sure, I want to be dealing with "responsible adults" when doing a business project, but I'm much happier hanging out with lunatics in my free time!

I guess that most of the folks that I was friends with were in other classes ... there were enough folks there that I was able to have a civil discussion with, but it wasn't a big "party" for me. I mainly hung out with Flame, and a few other folks who seemed to prefer my company as well. One nice thing this time (compared to the other reunions I went to ... 5th and 10th, I think) is that the FOOD was greatly improved ... it actually had "culinary pretensions" that it actually met with some frequency ... this is a huge step above what dire Food Service effects were foisted on us previously! We had a reception on Friday night, followed by a dinner down in the bar at the Union. I was unable to indulge in much late-night hanging out, since I had to collect Daughter #1 at 10pm, but as I was running on 4 hours of sleep, that was OK too.

Saturday featured breakfast, a lame "parade of classes" over to the convocation, an endless convocation (it ran over an hour long, largely due to the retirement of the University President who'd been there the past 25 years), then our class had lunch at the President's house (an hour late), had our class picture taken, and then had some time to kill. The kids program had a "drop in" activity with clowns and games and sports and crafts and stuff happening, but Daughter #1 didn't seem to want to disengage from the other kids to hang out with us, so we hung out back at the Union grill (like salmon swimming upstream), and then poked around some faculty offices (we got to shoot the shit with the head of the English department who was one of my professors) before heading off for another reception (in the "Teak Room" which was always off-limits for messy students), and another dinner.

A friend of ours arrived mid-dinner (she was a few classes behind us, but has kept up with Flame and happens to live a few floors above me here) so we had another person to hang out with. We wandered into town to look at a couple of the old bars (neither Flame nor I drink anymore, so it was less than thrilling), and then I had to drag everybody back to pick up #1. Flame and friend wandered off to schmooze and I dragged #1 outside to watch the "dance party". She noted how funny it was to see all those old people dancing like that. She was happier when another friend's kids were down there dancing (one wearing a Ramones t-shirt), but she got bored once they left. We eventually re-claimed Flame and went to shoot some pool in the game room, but once midnight rolled around I figured the 8-year-old was WAY over-due for bed.

Sunday was not so fun ... we got up, had breakfast, hung out with Flame (and her Mom) for a while, and then hit the road. Now, I'd had a good 7 hours of sleep that night, and about the same the previous night, so I shouldn't have been wiped out, but almost from the get-go, I was fighting sleep. I just hate it when I "go narcoleptic" while driving! I was pounding coffee and it would help a bit and then I'd be back to fighting the heavy eyelids. Not fun generally, and especially not with your kid in the car.

We were making a bit of a side-trip also, since it was Fathers Day, and my Dad is buried up in Kenosha, which we'd be passing on the way home. I'd been up on Thursday night smacking MapQuest around to figure out what would be the best way to get there and back, and that worked out fine. We got right from the expressway to the cemetery, found his grave easily enough, Daughter #1 had picked a bunch of wildflowers to put on the grave, we hung out for a bit, and then got back on the road.

However, something was definitely wrong with my head, and the last two hours of the drive were a nightmare ... almost literally. Almost anything which "distracted" my mind turned into a dream-state and I was constantly having to jerk myself back to waking. It seemed like I was drifting off every 30 seconds or so ... but, amazingly, we made it back without any physical damage. This reminds me of how I'm always falling asleep when working on the computer anymore ... I guess I should get this checked. Hey, maybe the doctor could prescribe me some real amphetamines!!!

Anyway, we got home, and I crawled into bed for a couple of hours' nap. They got me up about 4pm to open up my Fathers Day goodies (the main one I knew already, having ordered it earlier in the week, a 256mb compact flash card for my digital camera), and get ready to go out to dinner. Since we had the rental car, The Wife suggested that we go down to Chinatown for a nice dinner. Unfortunately, when we got there, we found that the "fancy" restaurant that we were planning on had closed, so we had to go to a plan "B". First I had us stop off at the Chiu Quon bakery to pick up some BBQ Pork Buns and some red bean stuffed sesame balls ... yum! We opted to go to Won Kow, which we've tried for Dim Sum previously. It turns out that they are much better off the menu than for Dim Sum (their lay-out is pretty challenging for Dim Sum anyway), and we had a great dinner (the remnants I had for lunch today).

I spent most of the day on Monday returning the car and catching up on LiveJournal. Daughter #1 also stated her summer camp on Monday, which is creating scheduling issues for me (hell, today I just missed the bus THREE TIMES, resulting in me getting six miles of walking in that I hadn't planned on), but I guess I'll get used to only having 5 hours of "work time" during the day (until somebody HIRES ME).

I guess that pretty much brings us back to the mystery phone call and the missing Bob ... I hope it was a call for a different Bob to some other apartment and that there's not some passed-out Bob in a hallway or elevator that was here to see me!

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