BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Anybody have any suggestions?

I am having the worst time with spam "bouncing" back to me that I never sent. My ISP tells me that this is probably due to a particular virus out there (that was on somebody else's computer) that grabbed my domain from their mail program, and is now forging it as the origin address for outgoing spam. So, every day I get dozens of "bounced" messages which I never sent (and I hate to think of how many hundreds or thousands of messages with my domain on them are ending up getting delivered somewhere), flooding into my mail box (all with different names Since these are NOT originating from my system, or my ISP, I can't figure out what to do about this except to change my e-mail from its current "catch-all" status (which has been handy for signing up for lists, etc., so I know who sent what by how it comes in) to just having one or two key names (i.e. "btripp") there.

Anybody have any idea how to fight against this sort of thing??? Needless to say, I'd hate for my domain to get "blacklisted" as a spammer!

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