BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

My "Anniversary"

Well, today is the 19th anniversary of my sobriety. Whoopie! The family took me out to dinner last night to celebrate (The Wife had for years gotten me roses, one per year of sobriety, until it becaem just too much ... so I got one long-stemmed rose and few things of nice blue cheese). We tried the new ("new" in that we'd never gone there, although it's probably been open a year) Chili's "down the street" from us (it's about 10 blocks south) ... not living in the suburbs, we rarely see these sorts of places ... it was nice, and certainly kid-firendly.

Speaking of new restaurants ... I have Daughter #2 in tow today and tomorrow, and she likes Hummos ... I'd been looking for an excuse to try the new middle eastern place in the neighborhood (new as in open only a couple of weeks), and figured that this (being that #2 loves to go to restaurants, unlike her big sis) would be a good opportunity. Fortunately, the kid liked their hummos and pita, while I had their "business lunch" combo plate. It wasn't the best of it's kind that I've had, but it makes up for it in location. I hope the place survives (I think the same guys had tried opening up the space as a hotdog stand a month or so back, which totally bombed), as you don't want to have to go running all over town if you get a hankering for some fresh Falafel!

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