BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Projekt Records ...

OK ... this post is for folks who still buy music. Those of you who opt to obtain your audio entertainment "by other means" can ignore this.

I was reminded tonight how cool Projekt Records ( are ... they specialize in "darkwave" acts, but also do a lot of re-issues of related genres. Over this period when I've been without income, it has been great to be able to "treat" myself from time to time with new CDs from them. Perhaps the coolest thing is their on-line-only sale page, where CDs (that typically run $16.98) go for just $6.98 ... and some for much less (there is a promo CD that you can get for a buck!). I'd really taken a liking to one of the bands on one of their compilations, and found that three of their CDs were on the list today ... such a deal!

Anyway ... if you're looking for some great music cheap, check them out at ... heck, you can even get some $24.98 2-disc sets for $6.98 ... and they even have a few CDs right now on their "irresistible $3.98 sale"! Just click on the sale thing on the top of the first page to get there!

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