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Well ... Daughter #2 did not get let into Ninja Turtles up at Dojo today. I guess it was probably not a good idea to have her big sis with her in the intro class as she was not concentrating on the instructor enough, and didn't get through what needs to get covered. We're actually going back tomorrow for another shot at it ... even though she won't be able to do a class right afterwards (like she would have today) if she "passes". Daughter #1, however, did great in her first Kids 3 class ... keeping up with kids two or three belt levels ahead of her. We didn't know until we got there if she was going to be in Kids 2 or 3, but it turns out that she was officially "promoted" the last class, she just doesn't get her new belt until the "graduations" this Friday.

I'm bummed about #2, though. We're hoping that she won't get frustrated with the process, as she's the type who would chuck it if it looks too hassle-some. It is beginning to look like I'm going to be up there (and getting "up there" involves about 45 minutes and two trains) every day this week between the two of them. Bleh. At this rate I should sign up for a class too!

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