BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Amazing ...

Wow ... I actually watched a video (all the way through, even) last night! I can't recall the last time I did that (O.K., come to think of it, that was probably when I got that copy of Yellow Submarine a few months back)! The video in question was Pirates of the Caribbean which, as noted previously, I scored for $5 on sale at Blockbuster last week ... it was pretty good, although I suspect I would have liked it better in the theater (it, like so many, if not nearly all, new movies, quit playing before I got my act together to go see it). Did anybody else think Disney left it wide open for a sequel? There were side characters half-developed in this that I don't think they would have fleshed out as much as they did if not to have them ready for a second film, and since all but one of the main characters survives they're good to go for a subsequent adventure (plus, if one does the math on the back-story, Will's father was post-curse when tied to a cannon and sent to the bottom and could well be alive, so there is a "hook" there to base a new story arc on). Anybody hear anything on a new one in development?

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