BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Gee ... another movie ...

I think I'd mentioned that I'd bought a few interesting DVDs when I'd seen them for cheap ($3.99 in this case) over the past year or so, but never got around to watching them. Well, I managed to get around to one of them tonight. This was interesting ... it was the old silent movie Nosferatu done with a soundtrack by (one of my favorite bands) Type-O Negative. I would have been more impressed if Peter Steele & co. had actually done "music for the movie", although there did seem to be passages where they did have specific bits to follow action on the screen, but it was pretty much the movie over a mix of their songs. Still, being a big T.O.N. fan, it was fun, and all gothy-like! The DVD also has the video for "Black #1" on it, which was a plus.

Another "classic" that I picked up about the same time as this is Metropolis which if it had a cool soundtrack, I might have watched by now too. There was a new section over at Walgreens that had DVDs 2 for $3.00 ... needless to say, the selection wasn't very impressive but I did get a couple of things (Roger Corman's 1960 version of Little Shop of Horrors, and an old Abbott & Costello flick) which should be worth the buck-fifty investment! I'm afraid that I'm becomming with movies the way I am with books ... I have never much cared for libraries because I have to give the books back ... I feel somehow deprived by that. I have, likewise, never felt comfortable renting movies, part from the "need to keep" drive, and part from the problem I have getting around to actually watching things ... but as long as I can buy a movie for less than a rental I'm a happy camper!

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