BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Strange days, indeed ...

I wanted to get this in here before I forgot about it ... yesterday, on my way up to Dojo with The Girls, we walked through the Division Street Farmer's Market, with its usual array of fruits, vegetable, flowers, spices, baked goods, etc. One thing that caught my eye, though, was one stall selling 3-4 foot high potted Datura plants with big dark purple-black flowers. Datura!

While I have seen Datura growing wild, I don't think I've ever encountered it as a "house plant", so I can only think that these were being sold with a nudge and a wink for their very powerful (if sometimes deadly) hallucinogenic properties! Down in Peru, the Shamans I studied with sometimes added Datura to the various "vision" concoctions (typically based on the San Pedro cactus) they made, along with other lovely species such as Ayahuasca. I'm amazed ... nothing like seeing entheogens at market in the neighborhood!

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