BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Boring normal L.J. entry ...

I got up and finished editing another chapter in the Correllian Wicca book. Although it is in unusually good shape for one of our manuscripts (and if anybody involved is reading this ... it is extremely well written!), it is still taking a very long time to do the "typesetting" on ... I'm not sure why. Anyway, it's taking from 2.5 to 3 hours per chapter, which means that I have a good 36 hours more work to do on it ... bleh. I had hoped to have print-outs of it ready today to get back to the author with. He's still pulling together graphics ... in the "original" (a comb-bound edition that their Temple sells) there is like one graphic per page ... so if he want's to keep all that (and, frankly, about half of it is directly illustrating points in the text, so I don't expect there to be much of drop-off), I'll have another significant chunk of editing time getting those in and balancing out the pages/chapters, etc. before having camera-ready for the printers.

I ended up having to take the afternoon off ... Daughter #2 is sick (nasty bug that started as a head cold, ended up with her spewing from both ends ... glad nobody else has been showing signs of it), so The Wife asked if I could take Daughter #1 (who is off of school this week) to Chuck E. Cheese since we'd promised that we'd take her there when she was off. I had actually intended to get some writing done while I was there ... but they've re-arranged things there and there was less "independent play" stuff that Daughter #1 was interested in than before (the big ball pit was gone), and so Daddy was drafted into the "token dispenser" mode. I did win the jackpot (200 tickets) on one machine and got over 200 on another ... whoopie! ... so she at least ended up with some loot at the end of the day.

Came back via the grocery store. Strange thing happened ... Jewel was having one of their typical "buy one get one free" sale deals and I was in search of ice cream. ... a lady there (also in search of ice cream) overheard my discussing ice cream with Daughter #1 and said "I'm getting one of these ... I don't need TWO, and hate to just have the free one go to waste ... would you like me to pick one up for you?" I don't know if the 86 months with no paycheck is starting to show, or what ... but the only polite thing I could figure to do in that situation was to take her up on her offer! The only problem is that I only have ONE container of ice cream, instead of the TWO that I had envisioned. I guess I'll have to go back tomorrow (they have a killer sale on tuna this week ... 3/$1 ... and we're stocking up for the cat) if I want to fill the freezer with more flavors!

There. I did it. I wrote a typical L.J. entry. Aint ya all proud of me? Bah! Back to editing!

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