BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

WOOT! Another new icon!

Since I've had that "better" digital cam, I've taken a lot of pictures of the El tracks, etc., but none of them looked "good enough to share", what I guess was missing was some actual trains. This shot was unusual, as the El does not make a habit of running this close together ... a couple of weeks back, however, we were taking the Ravenswood up to dojo and there was a bomb threat at the Kimball (end of the line) station, and were shutting down the trains until they dealt with that. So, the train before ours was letting out its passengers at this stop (it was either Irving Park or Addison, as I recall) and we were waiting behind it. Cool that we were right up in the front of the train to get the pic! A full-sized (or at least a much bigger, I've been shooting at my camera's maximum settings since getting a CF card for Father's Day!) version of the pic is over in the chicago_el community, here:

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