BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

This is a picture-postin' day ...

040718-wall2One of the slight disadvantages of having all that new storage on the digital camera is that it tends to make me very lazy about downloading stuff (heck, having the CF card in there even quadruples the battery life!). However, the other night I did pull stuff off of it and pick some images to share, and put them on a floppy and brought it to my desk and, well ... it sat there. Oh, well.

Anyway, we, like pretty damn near everybody else in Chicago went out to Millennium Park last weekend to ogle all the new stuff ... and I, again, like pretty damn near everybody else in Chicago who has a camera and a Live Journal, am posting shots from there. While I've seen a zillion pics of the "Cloud Gate" (the big silver bean), I haven't seen anybody post shots of the "fountain" ... this is two big glass brick "monoliths" which have projectors inside them that show people's faces on the "facing" surfaces, separated by a long reflecting pool. Each face is up for like 10 minutes of smiling, etc., and then at the end of their "shift" they pucker up their mouths and a big spray of water comes out for about 30 seconds.
Of course, I too have a pic of the Chrome Jelly-Belly (how I wish they had ponied up the money to have sponsored it!). It is interesting how it looks different sizes in differnt pictures ... I saw one in the paper that made it look almost small (on the end), yet, as you can see from this, people can wallk under it!

We didn't get over to "experience" the new concert space (I didn't get a decent shot of that ... I suspect that it photographs better coming at if from the north or the east) with the "state of the art" multi-phasic sound system, or get to check out the fancy-schmancy "sculptural bridge" connecting it with the rest of the park, but I'm sure we'll be down there soon enough. The Girls really loved the fountain space (with the big faces) as they (and about a hundred other kids) were happily splashing around in the reflecting pool on a 90° day (the glass block pylons also have water streaming down the other 3 sides all the time, and a big rush of water when they change faces), so it's like a water park ... I wonder what they'll do with it in January!

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