BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

one more egregious eBay/Pokemon note ...

I just love it when we "win" ... one of the things I snagged for Daughter #1 were four "Value Packs" (which have three retail packs of cards, one from each of the Ruby & Sapphire, Sandstorm, and Dragon sets, plus a special promo holographic card) ... these "Value Packs" ("value" in that at 7-11 or Walgreens the individual card packs in them are four to five bucks a piece) typically go for around $10.00 and I got four of them for $3.25 each. Now, this in itself is Good Deal (as it makes the individual packs a buck a piece ... or less if you figure that the the extra holofoil card goes for 2-4 bucks by iteself), of course, and I'm happy to give #1 the fun of opening up new packs and finding what might be inside them (she has not had that much of that kind of fun since I've pulled together most of her collection from big-lot deals on eBay). However, last night we opened up two of these "Value Packs" (she opted to keep two for later), and found a very rare holo card (available for $20.00/$19.99/$45.00 at my three "research sites") in one pack! I get such a charge when that happens! Several months ago I'd gotten her one of the "collectors tins" which similarly had packs inside, and she got a high-value "ex" card in that ... nothing like buying at a low-ball price and getting cards in the pack which are more valuable that what you paid for all of them (heck, last night she also got two copies of a rare Dragon card that she already had, and the "trade value" of those was more than we paid for all four packs)!

I can only imagine how thrilling this is for you to read.

heh ...

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