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Another fascinating piece ...

Wow ... somebody actually attempted to quantify the Mass Media's liberal bias! This is amazing ... these researchers (from UCLA and University of Chicago) took the ratings of senators and congressmen by the very liberal Americans for Democratic Action lobbying group (which ranks the various lawmakers on a scale of 1-100, with 100 being most liberal) and then compared those to the "think tanks" which supported stances that the lawmakers cited in order to rate the various think tanks ... then they looked at how often these "think tanks" were mentioned or used as resources by media outlets.

Now, the median score for the Congress/Senate was 39 with scores ranging from Bill First with a very conservative 4 to the abominable Teddy Kennedy with a score of 80. They set that 39 as an "actual" middle-of-the-road stance for Americans (given that these hundreds of representatives and senators are elected by the American public) and looked at the deviation from that in the media. Only TWO major outlets were "to the right" of that 39 ... Fox News Special Report (which I take it to be in specific, and not the all too "fair & balanced" FoxNews in general), which came in at 27 (-12) and the Washington Times at 34 (-5) ... ALL the other major news outlets were "to the left" of that median, and by far larger margins. Most grouped around 62-64 (+23 to +25 ... twice the deviation of FNSR!), with Newsweek being nearly in Teddyland at 72 (+33). What is amazing is that the Dan Rathers of this world think that they are "moderates" or "centrists" when in fact they are 1/4 to 1/3 veered to the Left in contrast to "America". No wonder any "conservative" opinion is ragged on as "extreme" ... if the Media perceives "centrist" as being halfway between true center and Far Left, anything that's even AT the actual center (ala the Washington Times) is painted as some raving fascist rag.

This article is hooked into the reporting of the Sandy Berger "files down his pants" episode, but has the details of the above spelled out in it ... a very interesting read ... Sandy Berger in trouble? Send in the media!

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