BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

hmmmmmm ...

I wonder if the problem with those "plusses" (as referenced a few posts back) is due to my browser ... my current system is a bit "resource starved" at this point (I have pulled out the new one and have started the slow painful process of installing shit I need) and if I've been doing a bunch of stuff the available memory is often not enough for things like Netscape or WordPerfect to run properly.

The reason this presented itself as an explanation of what I was seeing was that I accidentally clicked on one of my resume links from my info page (on the way to edit the last entry) and when it came up, about 3/4 of the "/" slashes in my intro block showed up as "?" question marks. I know that it's not that way in the HTML, so I'm thinking that Netscape might just be having memory issues at the moment and that if I'd re-booted I would have "found" those "missing" plusses.

Like you care!

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