BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Not such a good day ...

Well ... Daughter #1 and I got down to Navy Pier, stood in line to get tickets to the IMAX showing of the current Harry Potter movie, got a soda, etc., got into our seats, began watching the movie and ... she needs to go to the bathroom. At the Navy Pier IMAX this involves leaving the theater and going out to the bathrooms in the mall. So, we exit, she goes, and we come back in (they're good about that, at least). About 15 mintues later ... bathroom again ... it appears that #1 had a bit of the squirts and was not feeling 100% ... out of the theater, into the mall, back to the theater ... another 15 mintues and she wants to go home. Now, she was worried that this movie was going to be "too scary" for her (she's 8), but why couldn't she have picked something at a cheap matinee? It cost $26 for the two of us to see what little of the movie we did see. Needless to say, I was not happy with how that went! Bleh ... I'm "Mr. Cranky" tonight.

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