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We were out and about this weekend, so I had a chance to snap more "interesting" shots than usual. Daughter #1 had a birthday party to go to down at the Planetarium on Sunday morning, and it was a really nice day ... while she and I were doing the party thing, The Wife and Daughter #2 went to the Aquarium. These shots are from our way from the Plaetarium to the Aquarium after the party (I wish I'd had time to take pictures before the party, as it was bright and clear then, but had gotten a big hazy by the time we were out).

I often gripe about stuff involving my digital cam (color saturation, etc.), but most of the time I realize that if I'd taken these shots with my SLR, I'd probably have the same issues with "seams" that I have in the above pic. While the left and center pics work out OK together, for some reason the right one was a lot darker on the west edge. I've tried using various "stitching" things, but I've found (for me at least) they tend to muck up stuff worse than just dealing with the edges, so this was pretty much just cut-and-paste (with a little bit of inexplicable re-sizing).

040808-001bI'm happier with this one (although I would have preferred to not have had that wedding party in it!), which is a view from the Planetarium back towards the city. Needless to say, it's a great place to get skyline shots! There were some clouds moving in which were casting some shadows (why the foreground is shady here), and a bit of a haze (which I managed to mostly edit out), but all-in-all, I like it better than 90% of what I've shot of the skyline.

One of these days I'm going to get a good digital camera. My current little one is over 3 megapixels, so takes big enough shots (so that when you edit them and shrink them down they look good), but it lacks a flash and really sucks for taking pictures of things like flowers. I was reminded of this the other day when putting away prints from my SLR ... there was this one hibiscus that I shot over in the Wintergarden at Navy Pier that just jumped out of of the paper, with deep reds, bright yellows and detailed dark greens ... when I've taken shots of flowers with my digital cam, they're inevitably washed out, and even with some heavy-handed editing (usually with the gamma settings) can only be brought up to a "cartoony" approximation of the actual subject. While it is very handy, and with the memory card can take a thousand or more shots before I have to download them, the lack of color saturation is constantly irritating. Also, it doesn't have a flash, so is limited to use in reasonably well-lit areas (although, I must admit, that given the right lighting conditions ... like some of the smaller tanks at the Aquarium ... it can come up with some very nice shots). I just want to make sure that, before I spend $600 or more on a digital camera, that it will be able to do everything that my SLR can do!

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