BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

ouch ...

This week is "family week" up at The Girls' dojo, wherein the Parents are Strongly Encouraged to take class with their kids. I made it through Daughter #2's class just fine (although I had forgotten that it was family week, so didn't bring any work-out clothes), but in the warm-ups for Daughter #1's class, I totally screwed up my knee. I mean, come on, it was only doing jumping jacks, but I came down funny on my left leg and something "popped" in there, and I have been in quite a lot of pain since.

Now, I guess I need to qualify "quite a lot of pain", if I'm sitting down and not doing anything, there's just a slight dull ache in there, and if I'm standing up and not moving around too much, it's fine. However, when I walk it will occasionally try to bend outward which is no fun (I've taken to using an old cane I had from my reuperation from the car crash in '93 to help me get around) and the transitions between sitting and standing hurt like hell. I also ended up "jamming" it when trying to get off the bus this morning (we were way off the curb, so that last step was a doozy), which provided me with 30 seconds or so of blinding pain. I'm hoping that this is something that will go away with a few days of "babying" it. I really really would prefer not to have to have any more surgery on my legs!

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