BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

I'm such a delicate flower ...

Man ... sometimes I just creep myself out with sudden outbreaks of really pitiful shit. Yesterday my "Friend of" listing dropped down by 1 and I was all "oh, man, who did I offend now?" ... I mean, it really eats at me when I see that somebody has "dumped me" (with an implied "I think I've read quite enough of that jerk!") from their Friends list. After poking around a bit, I found that the current case was an unexplained journal deletion (melancholic, why did you leave L.J.?) and not anything personal.

I also get mopey when I bust my butt to make a particularly cogent and detailed journal entry (with illustrations) and then get zero comments on it. Bummer ... I wish I was more thick-skinned about this stuff.

Of course, once this all starts percolating around in my head I get into that whole self-loathing thing about being such a wuss that this stuff bugs me, and being such a twit that I bother with being anything other than an L.J. voyeur in the first place.

Damn ... I need some coffee!

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